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Water Safety Tips

Always swim with a buddy!

Whenever you go swimming, you should always have a buddy.  Things can happen in the water unexpectedly and a buddy that can help or go get help should always be near!

Join the team

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

Since we are a small, all-volunteer team, we need all the help we can get from our community!


The Cowlitz County Dive Rescue Team works with local law enforcement and emergency services both in the state and nationwide.  Because of this, pre-employment screening is required (per WAC 118.04.080), which includes both a criminal background check as well as driving record check, which both need to clear without any major incidents.  Additional details can be provided upon request.


Team Requirements:

Members of the Cowlitz County Dive Rescue Team do need to have additional skills necessary for our work in and around the water.  The requirements for all team members include:

  • -Good physical condition without major medical problems
  • -Valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle for response
  • -Ability to swim 200 yards unaided
  • -Ability to tread water for at least 5 minutes
Diver-specific requirements include:
  • -Certification from a reputable dive training agency
  • -At least 12 dives logged in the past year
  • -Ability or willingness to SCUBA dive in zero-visibility water safely


Application Process:

Each applicant for the team will need to fill out a form that will be submitted to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office for background check. After the check clears, an interview with the dive team will be conducted and water-based skills may be reviewed at this time. 

When you become accepted, we begin training you in rescue procedures and will enroll you in Dive Rescue-specific training to better prepare you for the missions we respond to.